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Statement on Ukraine

From EESA's Executive Director

EESA strongly condemns the aggression of Russian Federation against Ukrainian sovereignty, and stands in solidarity with the people of Ukraine.

Russian attack on KharkivEESA’s main location abroad was Kharkiv, Ukraine. For 13 years we have enjoyed this wonderful city and its welcoming residents. We have grown with Kharkiv, watched it develop, modernize, and evolve into a beautiful cultural and educational center, a metropolis where each one of our alumni found something special for themselves. Kharkiv was a peaceful residence for over 1.5 million inhabitants, with 160 thousand students, including 12 thousand international students. A new page in history was turned on February 24, 2022 when the Russian Federation openly attacked Ukraine and Kharkiv became one of the major targets of the Russian aggression. Kharkiv’s historical and cultural sites, infrastructure and civilian buildings have been bombarded and severely damaged.

The residents of Kharkiv, as other Ukrainians have not given up. Ukrainians are now more united than ever in defending their land and everyone is doing best what they can do from their own position. Despite the continued shelling, rocket strikes, and invasion, people in Kharkiv have already cleared the debris from the attacks in many locations. We are confident that Kharkiv will flourish once again. The plans for rebuilding the city are already in place. We are looking forward to resuming our on-site programs in Kharkiv with a new attractive curriculum.

Karazin UniversityAs of March 2022, our on-site programs are cancelled until further notice. All spring programs had already been moved online. EESA’s staff are all safe. We remain optimistic in the face of Russian terror and hope to resume operations in Kharkiv by the fall of 2022. All of EESA’s online programs are operating without interruptions with rolling year-round admission. Learn more and apply here.

Russian aggression towards Ukraine has led to millions losing their homes and livelihoods, and has caused an unprecedented humanitarian crisis. If you are wondering how you can help refugees from Ukraine and those who have stayed behind, the best way to do so right now is through direct donations.

The brave fight of the Ukrainian people in a largely uneven battle has brought awe around the world. We call on our academic community, alumni and friends to support Ukraine in its fight for sovereignty, to denounce and press for an end to the war, and to provide assistance to all those affected by this conflict.

Resources for those willing to help Ukraine:

Humanitarian Aid Website ( Official website by the Ukrainian government that describes several ways to support Ukraine through donations with credit cards, crypto currency and putting together humanitarian aid packages and getting them delivered to where they’re needed most.

National Bank of Ukraine. The National Bank of Ukraine is accepting direct donations for humanitarian causes linked to the conflict.

Come Back Alive Foundation has a strong track record for full transparency reporting. Funds are not used to purchase arms. They provide technology, training and directly assist soldiers who are returning from war and need resources to readjust to civilian life.

Army SOS. Provides funds to the Army of Ukraine where they lack state funding.

All programs for spring and summer 2022 are available online.

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Olga Chase
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EESA-Eastern European Study Abroad

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