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Travel Program

Summer Travel Program Academics

EESA academic meetingStudents will be taking two courses throughout the 4 week travel program to obtain 8 credits. A transcript from a fully accredited Karazin University will be provided upon the end of the program. There will be approximately 20 academic hours of class instruction per week combined with academic and cultural meetings, trips and activities.

Courses taught in English:

1. ECON/POL 330 International Organizations (4 cr)
2. ECON/POL 320 Economic and Political Integration in Europe (4 cr)

All classes are integrated with the field study. Students will review newspapers and media tools in the countries they visit, meet with independent journalists, working experts in the field, NGOs and other organizations. Students will develop a fresh look on the region and be able to understand current issues through the practical knowledge obtained through the EESA’s summer travel program.

Optional intensive language courses (4 or 8 credits):


GER 101 Elementary German
GER 201 Intermediate German
GER 401 Advanced German

FRE 101 Elementary French
FRE 201 Intermediate French
FRE 401 Advanced French

All language courses are based on individual or small group instruction.
If you enroll in an intensive language program, a highly qualified professor from Karazin University will travel with you throughout the 4-week program and hold individualized classes along the way. You may take language courses in addition to or instead of courses taught in English. Other individual courses may be offered -please contact us. To learn about the supplemental cost of the language instruction, please visit here. This is a great opportunity to fulfill your language requirement while traveling throughout Europe.

EESA Academics

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