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Student Organizations

When you arrive in Kharkiv, Ukraine you will want to immediately start meeting people and developing relationships with Ukrainian and other international students. Joining a student organization is the best way to do this and is highly recommended by EESA alumni. There are numerous student organizations that are available to you throughout Kharkiv. The EESA on-site staff will help you get involved in any of the following clubs.

Russian Speaking Clubs

EESA organizes Russian speaking clubs for speakers of all levels. Joining a Russian speaking club is the best way to make friends and practice speaking the language.

English Speaking Clubs

Joining an English speaking club is one of the easiest ways to meet new people and make friends while studying abroad. There is an equivalent social network website to Facebook in Ukraine, which is called Bkontakte. Here you can find out more information about many speaking clubs, and connect with Ukrainians. Create an account with Bkontakte and search for the following groups:

Speaking Club

Window on America

The Window on America is located in the library of Karazin Kharkiv National University. The Window on America Center is a partnership between the United States Government and Ukrainian regional public libraries. During the EESA orientation students will be introduced to the Window on America center in Karazin University and will be provided with a schedule of events that students can participate in.

Window on AmericaJust like American Corner programs elsewhere in the region, the Window on America Centers are designed to provide up-to-date information on the United States and to augment English-language collections of the host libraries. The mission of each center is to promote mutual understanding between the United States and Ukraine. The Centers accomplish this by providing information about U.S. history, government, society, and values to Ukrainian audiences; providing access to Internet resources, and serving as focal points for U.S. assistance and exchange programs.

The U.S. Embassy has allocated funds to establish Window on America Centers in libraries throughout Ukraine. The regional libraries provide space and English-speaking staff members. The U.S. Government provides the start-up capital to purchase a basic set of books, CD-ROMs and video collection of documentaries and classic American films. The libraries also receive a grant for furniture and equipment, including computers with Internet access, a printer, copier, TV, and a DVD player. Each of the centers is made up of five key information modules: U.S. government, U.S. reference materials, business, English-language teaching, and education.

Departmental Clubs in Karazin University

Each department at Karazin University hosts student clubs that organizes events and activities that you can join. Let the EESA on-site staff in Kharkiv know which student club you are interested in and they will help you in find what you are looking for.

Karazin University Department Clubs

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