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Field Trips

EESA Study Abroad Locations

Eastern European Study Abroad offers a truely unique study abroad experience. EESA's semester and academic year program is the most affordable program in Europe. You will get the once in a lifetime opportunity to live in the beautiful city of Kharkiv, Ukraine and travel to seven cities in five different countries in Eastern and Central Europe all in one semester!

         Host City: Kharkiv, Ukraine

Academic field trips include the following destinations:

Czech Republic: Prague

Poland:  Krakow & Auschwitz

Ukraine: Kyiv, Lviv & Kharkiv

Hungary: Budapest

Austria: Vienna 

Summer Travel Study Abroad Locations

France: Paris

Czech Republic: Prague

Poland:  Warsaw, Krakow & Auschwitz

Germany: Berlin

Belgium: Brussels

Italy: Rome 

About the host city-Kharkiv Ukraine

During the on-site orientation and throughout the semester EESA students will visit historical and cultural sites within Kharkiv region and attend theater, ballet and opera in Kharkiv. Kharkiv is a cultural and educational center of Ukraine and is known as a student city. It has over 30 universities and 7 major theaters. 10% of the total population are students. Ukrainians are known for their hospitality and there are plenty of opportunities to get involved in the culture and meet local people. Festivals and fairs of art, music and folklore are organized in the city year-round. The university that you will attend is ranked 3rd in Ukraine and is located right next to the main city square. With Kharkiv’s many art, music and sports events, there is no better place to study abroad to experience rich culture, delicious food and meet remarkable people.


About the academic field trips

Each semester has a two-week break in regular classes where students embark on academic journey through Ukraine, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, and Austria. Students spend 1-3 days in each city, attending academic sessions, lectures, organized city tours and have some free time to explore each historic city.

Guest speakers include internationally recognized economic and political experts, government officials, leaders of NGOs and business owners. Students will learn their perspective on current events and see practical implications of information discussed in class. The cost of the academic field trips are included in the total program fee. Students will pay for meals, and personal expenses. EESA believes that academic field trips are an essential part of a study abroad experience and help students further understand the material learned in classroom. EESA alumni remember the academic field trips as some of the best experiences of their time studying abroad.


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