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Financial Aid

Financial aid can come from several resources including:

Your college or university that you are currently attendingEESA Students in Kyiv, Ukraine

U.S. Federal Government

Your home state

Private Loans

EESA Scholarships

EESA Discounts and Promotions

Other resources


Financial Aid from your college or university 

Financial aid that you are receiving at your domestic college or university may be allocated to cover all reasonable expenses of your study abroad trip. This includes federal, state and any other aid you are awarded. Be sure to find out about your university’s scholarships for study abroad and check with your department to see if there are any other scholarships available to students pursuing a degree in your field.

Visit your Financial Aid Office and/or the study abroad office to find out what financial aid resources you can use towards studying abroad with EESA. Be sure to take note of all deadlines for submitting the requirement paperwork to your school.

You should also ask your financial aid office if there is a Contractual or Consortium Agreement that needs to be completed. If so, have that form sent to EESA at as soon as possible so that it can be completed and returned to your university.

U.S Federal Government Aid 

Eligible students can receive Federal Student Aid for study abroad if they are enrolled in a program approved by their home institution, regardless of whether the program is required for the student’s regular degree program of study, as long as:

Federal law also states that Federal Student Aid can cover all "reasonable" costs for a study abroad program, including:

Students are encouraged to consult with their Financial Aid office and to fill out a FAFSA application as soon as they decide to study abroad (visit for more information). Federal Pell grants, Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grants, Federal Perkins Loans, and Stafford Loans can be used towards financing your semester abroad. In most cases, students will pay less to study abroad with EESA than they do at their home college or university.

State Financial Aid 

Even students who do not qualify for Federal Student Aid may still be eligible to receive state aid. The U.S Department of education state grant agency provides information on grants, scholarships, and other financial aid for college students from the state, including federally-supported state programs such as Byrd scholarships and LEAP (Leveraging Educational Assistance Partnership) grants.

Private Loans 

Private loans may help you get the resources you need for studying abroad to supplement any funding obtained from other sources. Here some websites that help you search for study abroad loans:

Student Lending Analytics provides a list of private loan options.

Study Abroad Loans  allows you to compare and apply for private loans that apply to you and your university using this online resource.

Outside Scholarships

EESA students are encouraged to consider applying for Gilman International and Boren Awards scholarships. Both programs aim to encourage students to choose non-traditional study abroad destinations and pursue a study of critical languages. EESA programs fit these descriptions perfectly and many EESA students have already received these prestigious awards.

Learn more about other financial aid resources available.

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