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Field Trips

Academic Field Trip-Prague, Czech Republic


While studying abroad with EESA you will get this great opportunity to visit Prague, otherwise known as the Golden City and the City of a Thousand Spires. You will see the Old Town Square, St. Nicolas Church, Church of Our Lady before Tyn, Kinsky Palace, Statue of Jan Hus, House of the Black Madonna & Museum of Cubisim, Powder Tower, Art Nouveau Municipal House, Czech National Bank, Wenceslas Square, Estates Theatre (First Mozart Performance), Astronomical Clock, Kafka Statue, Maiselova Street & Old Jewish Quarter, Rudolfinum – Czech Philharmonic, Prague Castle & St. Vitus, Karlov Most – Charles Bridge and WWII – Prague Uprising and much more!

About Prague

Prague is the capital and the largest city of the Czech Republic. This beautiful city is a political, cultural, and economic centre of central Europe and is home to one-tenth of the country’s population. The city has many world-class museums, hundreds of concert halls, galleries, cinemas and music clubs. Founded during the Romanesque and flourishing by the Gothic and Renaissance eras, Prague was not only the capital of the Czech state, but also the seat of two Holy Roman Emperors and also the capital of the Holy Roman Empire. During the thousand years of its existence, the city grew from a settlement stretching from Prague Castle in the north to the fort of Vyšehrad in the south, becoming the multicultural capital of a modern European state, the Czech Republic, a member state of the European Union.

eesa-study-abroad-field-trip-czech-republicSince the collapse of the Soviet Union, Prague has become one of the world's most popular tourist destinations. It is the sixth-most-visited European city after London, Paris, Rome, Madrid and Berlin. Almost one-half of the national income from tourism is spent in Prague. During the past 20 years of economic transition, Prague has seen a structural shift away from production and towards business-related services. A number of multinational firms now have their European headquarters in the city. 

Interesting Facts About Prague

1) Skoda, a local car manufacturer, is one of only four automobile trademarks that can claim a more than 100-year-old history. The company was founded by Mr. Emil Skoda. Skoda means "pity" in Czech.

2) The first sugar cubes were made in the Czech town of Dacice in 1841.

3) Hockey pucks manufactured in Czech do not leave black smudges. The exact formula of the Gufex pucks, manufactured in a Moravian village, is a secret.

4) The word "robot" is Czech. It first appeared in a drama written by Czech playwright and journalist Karel Capek called R. U. R. (Rossum's Universal Robots). It was actually his artist brother Josef though who came up with the word.

5) Prague Castle, begun in the 9th century, is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest castle in the world.

6) Czech doctor Jan Jansky was the first to divide blood into four types in 1907.

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