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List of Courses

Courses taught in English: Humanities and Social Sciences
Courses taught in English: Natural and Applied Sciences
Courses taught in Russian: Direct enrollment
Russian Language
Ukrainian Language
Intensive Language Programs

If you do not see the courses that you are looking for, please contact us! The courses that you need might be currently pending approval, or we may be able to arrange an individual program for you, which includes directly enrolling in Karazin University, taking classes with other international students from around the world, one-on-one instruction or taking classes at a different  university in Kharkiv. We are confident that we can arrange a study abroad program that fits your academic needs! Do not hesitate to contact our advisors at or 970-584-EESA.

Each course is worth 4 credits unless otherwise specified. Each student should attend 4 courses per semester for up to 16 credits total. Overload is permitted for an additional fee. All courses are taught in English with the exception of the Russian and Ukrainian language courses. Every program participant is required to enroll into at least one Russian or Ukrainian language course. The language proficiency test will be taken upon arrival to determine placement. History of Ukraine is a required course; however, this requirement may be waived if a student shows a proof of previously completed college work that may be a substitute, or if this course conflicts with student’s degree requirements.

Courses taught in English: Humanities and Social Sciences

HIST/POL/IR 250 History of Ukraine (required)

SOC/POL 201 Political Sociology

ECON/POL/SOC 230 Women in Leadership

SOC/POL 250 Social Construction of Corruption in Post-Soviet Countries

ECON/SOC 280 Food Industry- Sociological and Marketing Approach

POL/SOC 300 Political and Social Transformations in Post-Soviet States

POL/SOC 310 Integration Processes and Enlargement of Europe

ECON/POL 320 Economic and Political Integration in Central and Eastern Europe

ECON/POL 330 International Organizations

ECON 340 Wealth, Poverty and Life Satisfaction in Transition Societies

POL/SOC 350 Political Leadership

SOC 350 Social Stratification and Inequalities in Modern World


Courses taught in Russian: Direct Enrollment 

Students who are fluent in Russian may enroll into any courses taught at Karazin University. You will be going to class together with local students. Karazin University offers thousands of courses in virtually every subject of study. Please contact EESA ahead of time if you wish to take any direct-enroll courses.

Russian Language:


RUS 101 Elementary Russian I

RUS 102 Elementary Russian II


RUS 201 Intermediate Russian I

RUS 202 Intermediate Russian II

RUS 220 Russian Grammar I


RUS 320 Russian Grammar II

RUS 401 Advanced Russian

RUS 350 Advanced Russian Composition, Conversation and  Reading

Additional courses for advanced speakers:

RUS 410 History of Russia through Russian and World Cinema

RUS 420 Russian Language: focus on mass media

RUS 430 Modern Russian Literature

RUS 440 Russian Theater and Plays by Chekhov

RUS 450 Russian Czars and Ukrainian Hetmans

RUS 460 History of Russia through Russian and World Cinema

RUS 470 Russian-Ukrainian Heritage in Kharkov

Ukrainian Language:

UKR 101 Elementary Ukrainian

UKR 201 Intermediate Ukrainian

UKR 300 Advanced Ukrainian


Intensive Language Programs:

EESA's Russian or Ukrainian short term, summer, semester and academic year intensive language programs are offered to students from beginner to advanced levels. Semester and academic year students may enroll in a language-only program and directly enroll in university courses or have one-on-one language training in addition to regular courses. EESA’s short term and summer intensive language programs are offered to high school, undergraduate, and graduate students, concentrating on language training at the college level. As an EESA student, you will participate in many cultural events and have plenty of opportunities to meet local people and practice your language. Parts of the on-site orientation are lead by Ukrainian students, which gives EESA participants an opportunity to meet new people and make friends locally from the first days abroad.

Courses taught in English: Natural and Applied Sciences

EESA offers a wide range of science courses such as biology, chemistry and other pre-med courses through the School of Medicine at Karazin Kharkiv National University. This program offers a full 5-year curriculum for the study of medicine taught in English. EESA students are eligible to join any of the courses. Not all courses are offered each semester and the course start and end dates may differ from the regular EESA program dates. If you are interested in taking any science courses, please email us as early as possible at with the courses and term you are interested in.

  1st Year of Study     2nd Year of Study     3rd Year of Study
1.  Latin and medical terminology   1.  Philosophy   1.  Microbiology, virology and immunology
2.  Fundamentals of economic theories   2.  Human anatomy   2.  Pathomorphology
3.  History of medicine   3.  Histology, cytology and embryology   3.  Pathophysiology
4.  Fundamentals of  psychology. Fundamentals of pedagogy.   4.  Physiology   4.  Pharmacology
5.  Medical biology   5.  Biologic and bio-organic chemistry   5.  Hygiene and ecology
6.  Мedical and biologic physics      6.  Microbiology, virology and immunology   6.  Propedeutics (Introduction) to internal medicine
7.  Medical chemistry   7.  General surgery (with operative surgery and topographic anatomy)   7.  Propedeutics (Introduction) to pediatrics
8.  Biologic and bio-organic chemistry   8.  Medical informatics   8.  General surgery (with operative surgery and topographic anatomy)
9.  Human anatomy   9.  Care of patients   9.  Radiology
10 Histology, cytology and embryology   10.  Medicine of emergency situations   10 Practical training as a nurse
11 Elective course: Psychology of communication   11.  Safety of vital functions, fundamentals of occupational safety and health   11 Fundamentals of bioethics and biosafety
12 Sociology and medical sociology   12. Elective course: Deontology in medicine   12 Elective course: Fundamentals of social psychology
13.  Political science


4th Year of Study

5th Year of Study
1.  Internal medicine (with endocrinology)
1.  Internal medicine 
2.  Phthisiology
2.  Infectious diseases
3.  Pediatrics
3.  Epidemiology
4.  Surgery
4.  Occupational diseases
5.  Obstetrics and gynecology
5.  Oncology
6.  Social medicine, organization of health care
6.  Clinical pharmacology
7.  Biostatistics
7.  Pediatrics, Children's infectious diseases
8.  Urology
8.  Medical genetics
9.  Otorhinolaryngology
9.  Social medicine, organization of health care
10.  Ophthalmology
10.  Surgery, pediatric surgery
11.  Neurology
11.  Traumatology and orthopedics
12.  Medical psychology
12.  Obstetrics and gynecology
13.  Psychiatry, narcology
13.  Clinical immunology and allergology
14.  Dermatology, sexually transmitted diseases
14.  Anesthesiology and intensive care
15.  Physical rehabilitation, sports medicine
15.  Emergency and acute care
16.  Forensic medicine, medical legislation
16.  Radiology medicine
17. Medical jurisprudence
17. Neurosurgery
18. Civil defense
18. Fundamentals of dentistry

19 Sectional course

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