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Travel Program

EESA Summer Discounts & Scholarships:

Refer 5 friends and study abroad FOR FREE!!!

Summer Travel and Summer Language programs are eligible. Refer 5 people who participate in any of EESA's summer programs and you study abroad for free! If any of the people you refer choose a program shorter in length than yours, then your discount will be pro-rated. Refer more than five, and receive credit towards airfare! The people you refer might not even be your close friends. Here are the most popular ways to get referrals:

- Share a message on your Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts. Ask your friends to share it on their pages, so you reach more people.

Sample message: “I am excited to go on “Europe: East to West” program with EESA this summer! You can study abroad FOR FREE with me!!! Message me to learn more.” You may include a link to EESA's website.

- Ask your professors if you can hold a short presentation in your classes.

- Request a package of marketing materials from EESA to post around campus, in your dorm and to distribute among friends. Fill out the contact form and indicate that you are requesting materials in the message.

- Remember to remind your peers that they will receive $100 off, if they are referred by you. Additionally, they can qualify for scholarships and start their own referral campaign to save even more.

Your referrals should indicate your name under Were you referred by anyone? when creating a MyEESA account. If they forget to do it, you may submit a list of your potential referals to us to make sure that you get your credit. If you refer fewer than five students, you will still receive a discount according to the description below. Please contact us if you have any questions or need help!

Friend Discount - $100 to Full Program Cost

When you refer another student to study abroad with you, you will receive additional $100 off the program fee, plus $100 more for each additional referred student. At the same time, each of your friends will receive $100 off, plus $100 off more if they in turn refer a friend.

If you refer one friend, you receive $100 off the program fee;

for referring two friends - $200 off.

Study abroad with three of your friends and get $300 off in addition to any other EESA discounts or scholarships! 

There is no limit on how many friends you can refer, and the savings can add up fast!

EESA Summer Scholarships:

EESA believes that studying abroad can be the most beneficial time of a student’s life; and we are committed to making it affordable for everyone. To apply for EESA’s summer scholarship, students must meet a minimum GPA requirement and answer a scholarship question with an essay one to two pages long. Scholarship applications can be submitted online. Scholarship funds will be applied towards EESA tuition and will be reflected on final EESA invoice.

EESA summer scholarship:  Amount: $100-$1000    Minimum GPA: 2.50

Scholarship Question:  Describe why you chose to study abroad in the summer with EESA and what you plan to achieve while abroad. Evaluate your study abroad budget by providing specific numbers for your anticipated resources and expenses.

             Scholarship Application Deadline: April 20. Please contact us regarding late applications to see if you still qualify.

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