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Intensive Language

Intensive Russian/Ukrainian Language Abroad

EESA’s summer intensive language program will provide full language and cultural immersion for Russian or Ukrainian speakers of all levels. Kharkov, Ukraine is a traditionally Russian-speaking city and provides a perfect setting to enhance your language proficiency.

The intensive language program includes 16 academic hours of instruction per week. Students will attend class 5 days a week and Saturdays and Sundays off. The typical Mon-Fri schedule is 10:00-11:20 and 11:30-12:50. EESA has partnered with many NGOs in Kharkiv and is happy to offer diverse options for students for social engagement or volunteering free of charge. There will be outside of classroom activities including theaters, movie screenings, speaking groups and NGO meetings, social gatherings, trips to galleries, exhibits and more. Some events will be included in the program and some will be optional to choose from.  Every week, there will be at least 2 hours of outside of classroom events/activities that are organized by EESA. These language immersion activities give students the opportunity to further practice their communication skills while making friends with local students, faculty members and host families.

4 week program participants receive 4 credits, and 8 week program provides 8 credits in language and area studies.

Students are placed in an appropriate language level at the beginning of the program. Courses are taught from beginner to advanced at Karazin Kharkiv National University, which specializes in teaching Russian and Ukrainian to foreign students. The Center for International Students Training opened in 1948 and has since then graduated over 11,000 international students.

Courses combine formal classroom instruction with a variety of social and cultural activities. This allows students to observe, discuss, and participate in Ukrainian and Russian culture and to practice language skills and themes developed in class. Outside of classroom, EESA’s on-site staff organizes a lot of activities that will allow you to continue speaking Russian or Ukrainian with local students, friends and host families. With EESA's full immersion language program, you will be able to improve your language proficiency over a short period of time.

Russian Language:


RUS 100 Elementary Russian

This course’s objective is to guide students towards basic communicative competence in Russian. The focus is to logically develop listening, speaking, reading, writing, and communication skills as well as to familiarize students with various aspects of Russian culture. Students will learn basic vocabulary that is needed in real life communication situations while living in Ukraine.


RUS 200 Intermediate Russian

This course focuses on broadening the vocabulary and the ability to use it in everyday Russian communication. Students will be able to build more complex grammatical structures both in conversation practice and in writing. This course combines oral and written exercises, learning games, discussions and group work.


RUS 300 Advanced Russian

This course further develops students’ conversational, reading and composition skills through the review of grammar, broadening the vocabulary and perfecting pronunciation. Texts and classroom discussions include such topics as Russian culture, its people and language characteristics in different regions; as well as the Russian history, social and political issues.

This course combines oral and written exercises, learning games, discussions and group work.

Additional courses for advanced speakers:

RUS 410 History of Russia through Russian and World Cinema

RUS 420 Russian Language: focus on mass media

RUS 430 Modern Russian Literature

RUS 440 Russian Theater and Plays by Chekhov

RUS 450 Russian Czars and Ukrainian Hetmans

RUS 460 History of Russia through Russian and World Cinema

RUS 470 Russian-Ukrainian Heritage in Kharkov


Ukrainian Language:

UKR 101 Elementary Ukrainian

UKR 201 Intermediate Ukrainian

UKR 300 Advanced Ukrainian

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