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Eastern European Study Abroad offers the most affordable semester, academic year and summer programs in Europe. We understand that for many students, studying abroad can be a financial burden. Paying for study abroad is the number one problem stopping many students from studying abrod. We take pride in working individually with every student to help turn studying abroad from an idea into a reality. We offer numerous scholarships, discounts and promotions to help students pay for studying abroad. Our study abroad advisors will guide you through the financial side of studying abroad and help you seek various financing resources that are available to you. Financial aid and scholarships that you are currently receiving may be allocated to cover all reasonable expenses of your study abroad term. These include program tuition and fees, passport and visa fees, round-trip airfare, and other costs of living abroad.

Figuring out how to pay for studying abroad can often be overwhelming and confusing. Explore the resources in this section and contact EESA's professional and knowledgeable student advisors to learn how to make studying abroad affordable! Email us at or call 970-584-EESA.

Financial aid can come from several resources including:

Your college or university that you are currently attending

Your home state

U.S. Federal Government

Private Loans

EESA Scholarships

EESA Discounts and Promotions

Other resources


Financial Aid from your college or university

-Visit your Financial Aid Office or stop by the study abroad office. Many universities offers financial aid to students who are interested in studying abroad.

-Speak with the head of your department about any scholarships that are available to students pursuing a degree in your field.

-Fill out any applications your school requires for its own financial aid, and meet the deadline when submitting the required materials.  Read more

State Financial Aid

Students who are not eligible to receive Federal Student Aid may be eligible to receive state aid. Contact your for more information. The U.S Department of education state grant agency rovides information on grants, scholarships, and other financial aid for college students from the state, including federally-supported state programs such as Byrd scholarships and LEAP (Leveraging Educational Assistance Partnership) grants.

Aid from the U.S Federal Government

Learn more about the EESA Scholarships.

How to use your current financial aid to study abroad.

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