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Travel (non-credit)

Short Term Program Fees

1 Week Program $1,200
2 Week Program $2,300



1 week and 2 week programs include:

- Meet and greet at the airport in Kyiv or Prague

- Field trips to Ukraine, Poland, Czech Repulic, Austria and Hungary

- Orientation

- Cultural immersion events and excursions

- Housing

- Pre-departure support

- Cell phones

- 24/7 student support from onsite EESA staff


How to submit a payment

You may pay online or mail in a check or money order payable to Eastern European Study Abroad to the following address:

Eastern European Study Abroad
P.O. Box 204
Edwards, CO 81632-0204


EESA makes advance payments for tuition, housing, and other expenses on behalf of admitted students long before their study abroad term starts. Therefore, fees paid for the short-term travel program are non-refundable.The final withdrawal deadlines are Februrary 1 for the spring semester and Septemeber 1 for the fall semester. No refunds are possible after the final withdrawal dates.

EESA reserves the right to cancel, amend, or defer any program. In the event of program cancellation, students will have a choice of taking a later program session or a full refund of all program fees.

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