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Travel (non-credit)

Itinerary, Dates and Deadlines:

Itinerary and dates are flexible! If you are interested in spending your fall break living in Europe as a local, contact us right away! We have the flexibitily of adjusting the dates to fit the semester break schedule for your university. You may join us for one or two week, or for any combination in between. Our student advisors will be happy to help you plan the trip that fits your academic and personal schedule.

Spring break or Fall break in Europe!

Rolling admission. Please contact us to learn more. 

Week One: EESA spring or fall break itinerary 

Start of week one: Students should arrive in Lviv, Ukraine or Kharkiv, Ukraine. There is an option of arriving to Kiev as well.

- Two nights in Lviv, Ukraine

- Take a traine to Krakow, Poland 

- Two nights in Krakow, Poland and a day trip to Auschwitz 

- Travel to Prague, the Czech Republic

- Two nights in Prague, the Czech Republic

- End of week one: travel program students fly back to the U.S. from Prague, Czech Republic. The rest of EESA students continue with taking a train to Vienna, Austria.

Week Two: EESA spring or fall break itinerary 

Students should arrive in Vienna, Austria, or Prague, the Czech Republic

- One night in Vienna, Austria 

- Take a train to Budapest, Hungary

- Two days in Budapest, Hungary 

- Take a flight to Kyiv, Ukraine

- Two days in Kyiv and a day trip to Pirogovo 

- Travel program students fly back to the U.S. from Kyiv, Ukraine. There is an option of traveling back to Kharkiv with the EESA semester students and going back to the U.S. from there.

You may participate in the two weeks, one week, or a mix. Please contact usor email with your plans for traveling abroad and we'll arrange the right program for you!

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