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Payment Policies

Every student participating in an EESA program is required to make the following payments:

Application Fee: $150 non-refundable application fee is required with every application before an application can be reviewed. Once admitted, you will receive an acceptance letter with pertinent program information.

Confirmation Deposit: After you receive your confirmation letter, you must submit a non-refundable confirmation deposit to secure your place in the program: $600 for a semester, $1,000 for a year, or $500 for the summer program. The confirmation payment must be received by EESA no later than 14 days after you receive your acceptance notification or by the application deadline, whichever is first. If you want to take advantage of the Early Confirmation Discount, the deposit must be submitted before that deadline. Read more

Final Payment: The balance of the fees shall be received no later than June 1st for the following fall semester, December 15th for the following spring semester, or May 1st for the summer program. These are also final withdrawal dates.

Late Fees: Any payments received after the final payment due dates will be subject to a $200 late fee plus a 5% monthly charge on any unpaid balance. Students may obtain a payment date deferment approval from EESA by submitting Financial Aid Disbursement Form and/or the Payment Plan Form before the final payment due date.

Students should consult with their campus study abroad office, their advisor and a financial aid office to learn their school’s policies for transferring financial aid and paying for student’s term abroad. Although most schools handle financial payments on student’s behalf, ultimately, it is student’s responsibility to make sure all programs fees are paid in full and on time. Potential consequences of non-payment are late fees, dismissal from the program and forfeiture of all deposits.

How to submit a payment

You may pay online or mail in a check or money order payable to Eastern European Study Abroad to the following address:

Eastern European Study Abroad

P.O. Box 206

Gypsum, CO 81637



EESA makes advance payments for tuition, housing, and other expenses on behalf of admitted students long before their study abroad term starts. Therefore, application fees and confirmation deposits cannot be refunded. Partial refunds of program fees may be allowed under unforeseen circumstances (such as a serious illness or an emergency out of student’s control). Students who submit their cancellation to EESA in writing before the program withdrawal deadline are eligible for a refund of recoverable fees, minus the application fee and confirmation deposit; if you submit your cancellation after the withdrawal deadline but before the departure, you will be eligible for a 50% refund of recoverable fees. No refunds are possible after the program start date. An electronic mail message sent and acknowledged by EESA will be sufficient notice under this section.

EESA reserves the right to cancel, amend, or defer any program. In the event of program cancellation, students will have a choice of taking a later program session or a full refund of all program fees.

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