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EESA Online Language Program: Student Testimonials

Learn Russian with EESATimothy C., Liberty University, Virginia, USA

Major: International Relations

Completed the 8-week EESA Online Intensive Russian Language Program 

"Taking Russian courses online with EESA was a great way to improve my Russian. The program was very helpful to both my learning and to the completion of my language requirement. While full immersion is the best way to learn a language, this online program served as a great alternative, when travel to the country was not an option. The personal instruction by the professor from Karazin University was truly a great experience. I enjoyed my time learning, and getting to know my professor and classmate throughout this program. This program, being an intensive, enabled me to spend every day studying, while other courses I’ve taken are short lectures periodically through the week. I feel that throughout this program I was able to gain a working knowledge of the language, and improve my confidence to speak the language at every opportunity. I recommend this program as a great way to improve your Russian, if full immersion is not an option."

Klement C., Radford University, Virginia, USA

Major: Political Science/ Criminal Justice

Completed the 8-week EESA Online Intensive Russian Language Program

"I found that the online Russian language class with EESA was extremely effective; seeing as though two months ago I didn't know a single word and now I can have a full length conversation is very surprising.

This language class was better than any other language classes that I've taken before because the teacher stressed the importance of being able to speak the language instead of just being able to read and write. 
As far as advice goes, I would say to really devote your time to the homework because there was a fair amount of it but it was all relevant to the class and helped further my ability to comprehend everything."

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russian language immersion in Kharkiv, Ukraine springbreak

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