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The program of the “French Spring” in Kharkov

Mar 20, 2019

This time the festival is dedicated to the theme of color that surrounds people everywhere -

in nature, the urban environment, in everyday life, it gives expressiveness and movement to art and culture.


“French Spring” will come to other Ukrainian cities - Dnipro, Zaporozhye, Ivano-Frankivsk, Kiev, Lviv, Odessa, Rivne, Chernivtsi.


 “For the first time the French Spring festival was held in 2004. It was spontaneous, today it is awaited by both the general public and professionals. This is truly a national project that we cherish. It is very difficult to organize a large-scale festival in such a big country as Ukraine, ”said Celine Metel, executive director of the French Institute in Ukraine, during a press conference in Kharkiv.


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Публикация от Eastern European Study Abroad (@eesabroad)


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