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Housing Questionnaire

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If you wish to make any changes to your application, please contact us at or 970-584-3372 to receive an authorization for making further changes.
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Please answer the following questions completely and honestly. EESA makes every effort to place students together who we believe would be the most compatible in sharing an apartment. Please note that while we will do our best to accommodate your preferences for housing placement, we can not guarantee that all of your requests will be met. The information that you provide is confidential and will not be shared with other students, parents, or EESA staff not involved in the housing placement process. Your responses to the housing questionnaire will not influence the admission process.

Most EESA students are placed in apartments together with other EESA and/or local students. Homestays with Ukrainian families are an option for interested students. Please indicate your preferences below:

Any arrangement is fine
I must have my own bedroom!

No kids please
I'd like to have siblings in my host family

If you are going on the program with one or more friends and would like to share an apartment with them, please list their names here:

Call (970) 584-3372
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