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If you wish to make any changes to your application, please contact us at or 970-584-3372 to receive an authorization for making further changes.
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Academic Information:

Current School:

Name of college or university you are currently attending

Expected Graduation Date: (mm/dd/yyyy)

Cumulative GPA on a 4.0 Scale:
NOTE: The minimum required GPA is 2.5 on a 4.0 scale for general admission. Students with a GPA slightly lower than 2.5 may be considered if their academic references indicate they have potential to benefit from the program. If your current GPA is below 2.8, you must submit a personal essay and a recommendation letter from one of your department’s professors or your advisor. Your personal essay should describe your achievements and any academic or extracurricular challenges you have faced, why you want to study abroad, your expectations and your goals. You may provide any additional information that you feel will support your application.

Academic year at program start:
Major(s)/ Minor(s):

High School:


Graduation Date: (mm/dd/yyyy)


Language Proficiency:
Have you studied Russian or Ukrainian before?      

Course Selection:

Before you go abroad, you should obtain approval from your academic or study-abroad advisor that you will receive transfer credit at your home institution for the courses you take. EESA recommends that you get a credit transfer approval in writing, with a signature from the appropriate university staff member. It is important to know that the total number of credits transferred is determined by your home school, and it might be different from the number of credits you take abroad. Please speak with your advisor, the registrar or your EESA advisor if you have further questions.

In order to ensure that you have flexibility when it comes to registering for classes and organizing your time table at the overseas institution, you must choose more courses for approval than what you will actually register for. If a full-time load is four courses, then you should have at least six courses pre-approved.

Russian or Ukrainian language is a mandatory course. For line one, please indicate the language you wish to take, evaluate your level of proficiency and circle an appropriate number with 0 meaning you have no experience and 5 meaning you are fluent. The final placement will be based on the results of a placement test taken upon arrival to Kharkiv. History of Ukraine is a required course. However, this requirement may be waived if a student shows proof of previously completed college work that may be a substitute, or if this course conflicts with student’s degree requirements. If you wish to enroll into the Intensive Language Program, please write ILP on each line.

Please list the courses you wish to take in the order of preference.
1. Language:      
0 - No experience, .., 5 - I am fluent

4 courses or up to 16 credits are included in the regular EESA tuition fee. Students have an option of taking overload courses to earn more credits for the fee of $500 per course (up to 4 credits).


Financial Information

If you are receiving a scholarship, please describe the type of scholarship, the source and the amount you are receiving.
(Students on financial aid are responsible for full payment of all fees if the financial aid award is not granted in full or in part. Invoices are sent to the permanent home address unless otherwise instructed.)

Anticipated Financial Aid award: $
Additional Scholarships: $    Name:
Other sources of financing: $    Please describe:
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