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EESA Alumni Ambassador Program

So you made it back home, unpacked your bags and showed your amazing pictures and videos to your friends and family. You feel like time went by so fast and you can’t believe that it is already over. Well don’t let your study abroad journey end there. Become an EESA Alumni Ambassador and share your experience with your peers, professors, study abroad faculty, as well as with students at other universities in your region. 

Why become an EESA Ambassador?

Aquariam AlumniThe EESA Alumni Ambassador Program is an opportunity to start building a career in international education and develop networking, communication and interpersonal skills. We understand that students appreciate, value and trust word-of-mouth advice. Alumni Ambassadors serve as EESA word-of-mouth experts on and off campus, communicating directly to prospective students and sharing with them the benefits, challenges and experiences of studying abroad. This way, these students will have a more clear idea of what to expect from their EESA journey abroad from a source they understand and trust.

What do Alumni Ambassadors do?

Alumni Ambassadors participate in many on-campus activities including:

-Working with their study abroad office to spread the word about EESA through fairs, events, orientations, re-entry seminars, peer-advising, etc.

-Classroom and student group presentations

-Greek life and dorm hall announcements

-Creating promos for their schools TV station, radio or newspaper

-Posting flyers around campus – academic halls, study and student lounges

-Assisting EESA’s representatives during campus visits

-Participate in study abroad fairs at different universities in your region


What are the rewards?

Alumni Ambassadors will stay connected with EESA and with their study abroad experience through conversations, presentations, study abroad fairs and many other interesting events. Ambassadors will make invaluable connections in international education along the way. This program will be a good addition to your resume and EESA will provide recommendation letters.

EESA will give each alumnus who is interested in becoming an EESA alumni ambassador $50 per semester, plus $100 for every student who joins the EESA program and is referred by you. EESA will pay alumni $100 to participate in study abroad fairs hosted at other universities and colleges in their region. EESA will again pay $100 for every student who comes from the fairs that the alumni participates in.

Please contact Jason at or call 970-584-EESA if you are interested and want to learn more.

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