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Intensive Language

Travel Program

EESA's Summer Abroad

EESA offers two types of programs during the summer:

1.   Intensive Language Program: Russian or Ukrainian

This study abroad program focuses on full cultural and language immersion. 4 or 8 week program will boost your language proficiency and give you confidence to converse in another language. You will live in Kharkov, Ukraine, take a 2-day trip to Kiev, and an optional trip to the Black Sea at the end of the term. Speakers of all levels are welcome! You will take language classes at Karazin University and have plenty of speaking and cultural immersion activities outside of classroom. Students receive a transcript from a fully-accredited university upon the completion of the program. Learn more.

2. Summer Travel Program. Europe: East to West.

In EESA’s summer travel study abroad program, classroom instruction is intertwined with field study and practical cases in the cities you visit. During the 4 week program, you visit 6 countries in Europe while earning 8 college credits along the way! You may also take individual language courses in Russian, German or French. Transcripts are issued by a fully-accredited Karazin University. Learn more about how ages-long history connects with modern reality in Krakow, Prague, Berlin, Brussels, Paris and Rome this summer! Learn more.

EESA Summer programs

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