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Travel (non-credit)

Short Term Non-Credit
Travel Program

Join EESA's semester and academic year students for a non-credit one or two week long field trip through 6 cities and 5 countries in Eastern and Central Europe! You may join week one, week two or both. Week one includes traveling to Ukraine (Kyiv), Hungary (Budapest), Austria (Vienna) and the Czech Republic (Prague). Week two includes traveling to the Czech Republic (Prague), Poland (Krakow, Auschwitz) and Ukraine (Lviv).

Spring 2018 dates: March 25-April 8

Application deadline extended to March 1!

You may participate in the two weeks, one week, or a mix. Please contact us or email with your plans for traveling abroad and we'll arrange the right program for you!


Fall break: 1st and 2nd weeks of November
Spring break: 2nd and 3rd weeks of March


During the EESA's travel program, students will live in hotels or hostels and share rooms only with other students participating in the program.

Orientation, Safety and Support:

Students will have a short orientation briefing upon arrival. Safety, security and overall wellness of students are our highest priority. EESA on-site staff follows strict security guidelines and is available on call for any health or safety emergencies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The EESA office receives updates from the U.S. embassies regarding U.S. citizen safety. The staff stays in close contact with local police department and other authorities for quick notification and response to any emergencies. We strongly believe in the importance of extensive support network for students while abroad and do our best to ensure that students feel at home while studying abroad with EESA.

Cell Phones:

Students joining the EESA's short-term travel abroad program will receive rental phones with activated SIM-cards from EESA free of charge. You must pay a $50 refundable security deposit for the phone and $25 non-refundable usage fee for the initial phone balance upon arrival. Cell phones must be returned to EESA upon the end of the program in the same condition as they were received to obtain the deposit refund. Cell phones are mandatory for all students while studying abroad with EESA. Phones must be charged and turned on at all times. By making cell phones mandatory, EESA ensures that students can be reached at any time both by EESA and their parents, should an emergency arise.

Medical Insurance:

Medical insurance will not be provided to students joining the EESA's short-term travel abroad program. You must obtain medical insurance valid in the countries you will visit from your preferred insurance provider prior to departure. You must provide EESA with a copy of your insurance prior to arrival. EESA may assist you in obtaining insurance for an additional fee.


A passport valid for at least 3 months after the end date of the EESA program is required. If you don’t already have one, you should apply for a passport immediately. It takes 4-6 weeks to get a passport and the cost is approximately $140. For passport application acceptance facilities, go to:

If you need to get your passport in a hurry, you will need to pay for expedited processing, plus overnight delivery costs. More information can be found at:

Remember that your passport is your most important legal document while you are outside the U.S.—treat it with special care. Keep a copy of the identification page of your passport in a separate location from the passport itself. You should also leave a copy with your parent or guardian in case your passport is lost or stolen.


Summer and short term students are not required to obtain any visa. If you are a not a U.S. citizen, please contact us as soon as possible to receive assistance in obtaining any applicable visas.

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